Risk Management Audit

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Risk Management Audit

This is a mandatory audit for all companies who wish to attain and/or renew bizSAFE level 3 / bizSAFE Star/ bizSAFE Partner certification. This is also a mandatory audit for all MOM Approved Scaffold Contractors for their renewal of licence. Risk management audit needs to be carried our as per WSH (Risk Management) Regulations by a MOM Approved auditor. During the audit, our MOM Approved auditor will visit your office and/or project site to ensure effective Risk Management is in place. All bizSAFE certified companies need to undergo a RM audit once every three years before the expiry of their bizSAFE certifications.

successful completion of audit, our MOM Approved auditors will then prepare a RM audit report and submit to WSH Council for the necessary bizSAFE certification applications and/or renewal of certification.

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